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​Frequently Asked Questions

* What is the tuition rate for the upcoming/current school year? 

Aquinas Academy Tuition


K-6: $5,745


Preschool Tuition






PK-3 (2 Days)

$ 1,795

 $ 3,085

PK-4 (3 Days)

$ 2,130

 $ 3,655

PK-4 (5 Days)

$ 3,185

 $ 5,440

* How do I report my child absent or tardy? 
Please call the school's absentee line (724-834-7940 ext. 2) before 8:00 am and leave a message.

* What if there is a change in my child's dismissal plans? 
If you need to change your child's regular form of dismissal, you must send a note to the homeroom teacher or call the school office at 724-834-7940.

* What is the medication policy?​ 
Medication should be given at home.  However, when medication must be administered during school hours, the following policy must be followed:  The medication must be delivered to the school by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult along with a physician's written request for distribution by school personnel.  medication brought to school must be in a container labeled by a pharmacist or doctor.  The label must include the student's name, the name of the physician, date of the prescription, the dosage and the frequency of administration.  Parents must sign an Indemnity Agreement that is sent home in the first family envelope.  Please save this document in case your child will need medication during school hours in the upcoming academic year.